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Beside the River Mid-Mountains in Aulus-les-Bains

Beside the River, Mid-Mountains in Aulus-les-BainsSarah Dew
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In May, 2022, Sarah composed and created this audio work while on a composing residency at CAMPfrance in Aulus-les-Bains, France.


The course was situated in the Pyrenees mountains and was led by inspirational composer Gavin Bryars. 

The 12 minute work comprises melody, field recordings of the area (including the iconic village church bells and cowbells from the cattle being driven further up into the mountains for the summer), sound art and live bowed electric guitar performed by fellow course participant and soundtrack composer Sam Hooper. 

The piece builds gradually from gentle sounds of the village to accompanying music with a hymnal ambience; eventually becoming a much larger, majestic, celebratory and joyous work that still retains aspects of hymnal melancholy. 

The background picture is the inspirational view from Sarah's window during the course.

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