Based in North Yorkshire, living alongside the North Sea, Sarah Dew is a songwriter, composer, poet, field recordist, sound artist, music teacher and music director. She gained a Masters in Music (acousmatic composition) at Hull University in 2018.

Blending melody, field recording and poetry with sonic art, she conveys thoughtful and fictional journeys based on myth, magic and transformation. Her soundscape compositions are rooted in the landscape, sea and sky, emerging through her deep wonder and appreciation of the natural world.


Sarah’s field recordings capture sounds of the coast, woodland, forest, rivers and moorland. Her works transcend time, aiming to take the listener on magical, ethereal journeys into a realm of extraordinary. She hopes that hearing sounds of nature within the works will inspire wellbeing in listeners and a desire to protect natural and fragile environments.

Notable recent performances of her acousmatic works include a sound installation in the lighthouse at Spurn Point (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust) throughout summer 2019. Most recently in 2020, Sarah was commissioned to compose works to celebrate the bicentenary of Anne Bronte at the Parsonage, Haworth. This is sadly currently closed due to covid19.


All her performances/installations can be found on the ‘Gallery’ page.


Sarah’s work is suited to artistic radio, the ambience of her work being determined by the interpretation of the listener.