Sarah Dew is a musician, song writer, composer, sound recordist, poet, sonic artist, music teacher and choir leader.

I gained a Masters Degree in Music at Hull University in September 2018. I am so privileged to have had the expert tutelage of Dr Rob Mackay and Dr Matthew Barnard, which enabled me to start my path into acousmatic composition.

 "All my work is about transformation."

I create music to inspire visualisation, conveying journeys based on history, myth, magic and transformation; set in real places whose sounds feature in my work.


I include recordings of people including family members, adding a sense of credibility and an archival angle to the immersive experience. I believe that preserving fleeting and emotive sounds of moments in a life is precious. Recorded sounds from different environments may capture and preserve part of the essence of a place before it changes over time.


I believe that capturing sounds and setting them within narrative and melody in the context of sonic art, is powerfully stirring.

My compositional process usually begins with observational coastal walks, leading to notions which eventually coalesce into sound, music and poetic narrative. Both my narratives and non-narratives begin by describing the ordinary, accompanied by field recordings and/or music. This opening technique gives the work a sense of place: people share coffee in a café; children listen to a bedtime story.

The works then move into the realm of the extraordinary, taking the listener along, hopefully spellbound.

Sarah Dew