Narrative poetry


Reflections - track descriptions

1. Reflections

The first track of a new album composed during lockdown, April, 2020. It is a blend of instrumental, ambient and vocal work inspired by musings on life and the natural world. The vocals were recorded individually by Sarah's co-band members (Raven: Nia Davidson, Karen Chalmers, Sally Lidgley, Pat Edmond, Jaye Lewis), using phones/whatever they had; everyone having to comply with social distancing.  Together with field recordings, Sarah mixed the results into a passionate track to reflect the times. 

2. A Reflective Journey

Along with musical instrumentation and thought provoking sound art, this track uses the voices of Raven. The spoken word is performed by Sally Lidgley. It reflects on the journey that we all are part of, at this extraordinary time.

More tracks will be added over time: the changing price reflects the fact that the album will grow, and is currently a work in progress.