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Narrative poetry


Reflections Suite

This album was composed during lockdown, from April, 2020. It is a blend of instrumental, ambient and vocal work inspired by current events and the natural world. My melodic compositions were rooted in the emotions that I experienced throughout this time. From the end of May, the Covid19 lockdown became intermingled with an acceleration of the Black Lives Matter movement, following the murder in the U.S. of George Floyd. Many people and organisations throughout the U.K. vowed to learn more and to do more to support BLM, myself included.  


The vocals on the album were recorded individually by members of 'Raven' using phones etc; everyone having to comply with social distancing. Sally Lidgley performed the spoken word on 'A Reflective Journey". Activist Rose Lidgley provided the audio recording of a peaceful BLM protest in London.

'Raven' is comprised of Karen Chalmers; Nia Davidson; Sarah Dew; Pat Edmond; Jaye Lewis and Sally Lidgley.

Track descriptions

1. Reflections

Field recordings, melody, poetic female vocals and sound art are mixed to create a passionate track to reflect the times. 

2. A Reflective Journey

Along with musical instrumentation and thought provoking sonic art, this track uses the voices of Raven.

Sally Lidgley performs the spoken word, reflecting on the journey that we are all part of.

3. A Time to Reflect

Including audio footage from a peaceful BLM protest in London and stirring vocals from Raven. Sonic art; melody, field recording.

Dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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