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Narrative poetry


Transposition: track descriptions

1. Forest Sirens

Mythical sirens guide you on an ethereal transformation from forest to coast. Includes field recordings from the forest above Wrench Green, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, and Scarborough's North Bay. Sound and music.

2. A Mermaid Seen Off Scarborough

A fully clothed young woman walks into a stormy sea and disappears, to the horror of onlookers. A magical transformation ensues. Narrative poetry with music and sound.

3. Loading the Pride of Rotterdam

Representing a journey: the melancholy leaving of Hull on a ferry, the journey itself, and the happy arrival at the destination. Includes field recordings from Hull Ferry Port and the River Humber. Sound and music.

4. Caught Between Two Worlds (Seen Off Scarborough)

Based on the legends of the selkies; the seal people, and their enchanting transformations between human and seal. Narrative poetry with music and sound.

5. From Moor to Highland

Featuring George Sztuka on violin.

An imagined and dreamy passage from the North York Moors to the Highlands of Scotland. Also featuring steam trains on the North York Moors Railway and regional birds of  the title.

Sound and music.

6. In My Father's Attic

A windswept night...a discovery...a spell....a voyage across time and continents....

Narrative poetry with music and sonic art.

7. New Year's Eve

A snowy walk to celebrate the new year. Conversations in Hayburn Wyke woods near Scarborough; poetry; sound art; music.

8. Sea Monster

Set at Scarborough's North Bay, a gentle coffee becomes something altogether darker, when the sea reveals an otherworldly beast. Narrative with sonic art and music.


9. Watendlath

A walk on Watendlath fell in the Lake District.  The ambience of a daytime hike changes when the fell is revisited during the summer evening. Music, sonic art, narrative.

10. Raven Mermaid

Raven perform Sarah's song 'Mermaid', live. Treated with sonic art, it becomes an ethereal piece designed to take your imagination straight into the North Sea. Music, song, sound design.

11. Dreams of Yorkshire

A musical soundscape reflecting dreams of Yorkshire, the UK's largest county. The journey passes from coast to forest; to woodland; to moor; to rolling hills and dales; ending the passage at the sea's edge within listening distance of a seal colony.  Music, sound design, field recordings.

12. In Winter Trees, Near Open Water

On an icy morning in January 2019, Charlotte Oliver played clarinet amongst the trees in Hayburn Wyke woods. The melody had been composed to represent the winter trees and the atmosphere of the season. Ambient, musical soundscape with field recordings and sound design.


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